Mobile Phone Rental Service Singapore

Corporate Phone Rental - Rent mobile phones for events and showcases

Mobile Phone rental services in Singapore

Mister Mobile provides mobile phone rental services in Singapore at the cheapest rates in town. We rent our phones to our clients in Singapore for a myriad of uses – for corporate services, for professional photo-shoots, for app testing, phone rental for events and showcases. If you are looking for reliable and professional phone rental services, Mister Mobile is the perfect place for you! Pick up your phones any of our stores addressed here.

Reliable Mobile phone rental for events, photoshoots and showcases

We carry all popular and mainstream mobile phone and tablet brands such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Google and OnePlus. Whatever mobile phone you need to rent, as long as we have sufficient time to plan, we can get it. Reach us using the WhatsApp button below, or feel free to first browse through our Carousell catalogue for all available used mobile phones rental!

Where to rent mobile phones in Singapore?

In fact, we believe that it is very difficult to find companies like Mister Mobile, with such an extensive range of mobile phones available for rent. Mister Mobile is a reliable mobile phone company with experience in providing phone rental services for clients in Singapore. With CaseTrust accreditation and strong reviews for our services, trust Mister Mobile to deliver services that matches your expectations!

Mobile phone rental rates

Depending on the market value of the phone, the quantity you are looking at, and the number of days you want to rent the mobile phone or tablet, we offer one of the lowest rental rates in Singapore

For example, for a 3 to 5 days rental rate of a low-end Xiaomi phone , the price will start from $15/day only. The daily rates increase or decrease depending on the number of days you need it, and the market value of the phone. Chat with us so we can find out your requirements and offer a quotation that is fair, transparent and reasonble!

Lastly, we require a refundable security deposit upon the confirmation of your order. All of these transactions will be performed transparently, with all necessary documentation from our end.

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Award-winning and Reliable Phone Repair in Singapore

Mister Mobile is a popular and reliable phone repair choice in Singapore, for many reasons. Most importantly, we are one of only two phone repair shops in Singapore to have attained CaseTrust Accreditation, which means that we guarantee a high service standard through our sound business processes. Furthermore, we only employ professional technicians to repair your phone, ensuring that your beloved mobile phone lies in safe hands. We also put every device through a stringent 15-Point check, before and after the repair, to best eliminate minor issues which may occur. Lastly, our friendly and approachable service staff are well-trained to promise a pleasant repair experience during your time at Mister Mobile.

Best Quality Phone Repair Products

Your time and effort are valuable to both of us. Thus, we strive to ensure all our products are the best quality. This will minimize the chances of rework. Although most phone repair shops in Singapore provide warranty for repairs, is their warranty really worth anything if you are coming back for rework all the time? We can’t possibly promise a 0% return rate, but our meticulous business processes and quality repair parts will ensure that it will always be close to 0%.

Affordable Phone Repair at Competitive Prices

Customers who require are services are often distressed. They need their phone fixed as soon as possible. We believe that having quality and affordable products is never enough in the Mobile Phone Repair business. Hence, Mister Mobile believes that customer service is just as important. We want to bring everyone closer to affordable, realiable, high-quality and positive customer service for phone repair to each and everyone in Singapore, one customer at a time.