iPhone 5 Home Button Replacement Singapore by Mister Mobile.

Choose Mister Mobile for iPhone 5 Home Button or Touch ID and Fingerprint Replacement. Because we do it better, because we do it safer, because we do it with a smile!

Our listed prices are nett and inclusive of labour repair fee.

Please note that there are a few components which may affect the iPhone 5 Touch ID or home button. We will run a diagnosis to troubleshoot the problem, and prices may vary slightly. Based on our experience, the success rate of iPhone 5 Touch ID repair is about 70%. There will be no charges if we cannot fix your phone.

Upon handing over your phone, our technician will run a few tests and inform you of the misbehaving parts. Once confirmed, our technician will then proceed with the repair.

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Buy this if:

– You prefer having a fast iPhone 5 repair which is cheaper compared to Apple service centers.

– Your iPhone 5 home button is not responding and needs replacement.

– The fingerprint sensor is not working even after you have set up your iPhone 5 Touch ID.

– You are unable to set up your iPhone 5 Touch ID, even though you have never repaired your phone before.

– The home button only responds intermittently.


Enquire further if:

-Wrong iPhone repair? Read up and find all of our iPhone prices and descriptions here

– The problem arises after software updates. You may require a software update instead.

– You have replaced the iPhone 5 Home button before.

– Your phone has been repaired before.

– There are signs of water damage on your iPhone 5.

Mister Mobile Hotline

  For Repairs: 92230410
For Purchase/Trade-in: 88311671