iPhone 6S Plus Power Button Replacement Singapore by Mister Mobile.

Choose Mister Mobile for iPhone 6S Plus Power or On Off Button Replacement. Because we do it better, because we do it safer, because we do it with a smile!

Our listed prices are nett and inclusive of labour repair fee.

iPhone 6S Plus Power Button replacement is a common problem. It can be frustrating. The power button of your phone will affect your usage greatly. Power button replacement is a simple process which completes within 30 minutes. Repair your phone with us for a peace of mind.

Upon handing over your phone, our technician will run a few tests and inform you of the misbehaving parts. Once confirmed, our technician will then proceed with the repair.

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Buy this if:

– You prefer an iPhone 6S Plus power button repair which is faster and cheaper compared to Apple service centers.

– You hear the clicking sound but the iPhone does not respond.

– When you hit on the power button to power on or off, you do not hear any clicking sound

– When charging the iPhone, the screen displays normally. However, the iPhone doesn’t display anything when the power button is pressed.

– The iPhone power button responds but only intermittently.


Enquire further if:

– Your iPhone is still under warranty by Apple. You can check your warranty coverage here.

– You need to replace the physical button instead. The physical button is a different component.

– The iPhone housing is bent or dented near the power button. Please call us for more information.

– The power button is working but there are problems with the display instead. Please visit our Product pages for iPhone LCD Replacement instead.

-Wrong iPhone repair? Read up and find all of our iPhone prices and descriptions here

– There are signs of water damage on your iPhone 6S Plus.

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