OnePlus Nord CE Camera Removal Service

Total: $28.00

Key Information

OnePlus Nord CE Camera Removal Service Singapore by Mister Mobile.

Choose Mister Mobile for OnePlus Nord CE Camera Removal, Epoxy Cover-up and Lens Cover-up Service for NS and prohibited areas. Because we do it better, because we do it safer, because we do it with a smile!

Our listed prices are nett and inclusive of labour repair fee.

OnePlus Nord CE Camera Removal, Camera blurring sandblast grind, Epoxy Cover-up, and Lens Cover-up is a popular service in Singapore. It is the norm for most Singaporean boys who are serving NS (National Service). This is because most army camps in Singapore have designated red zones which prohibit the possession of camera smartphones.

We provide:

– Camera Removal

– Lens cover-up with materials

– Epoxy cover-up

– Phone camera blurring sandblast grind

The requirements of army camps are vastly different. Some camps allow only sandblasting, some require epoxy cover-up, while some of them allow camera removal. Others allow covering up of the camera lens from the inside with a piece of material. It is important to check your camp’s guidelines carefully before approaching us to remove the camera. It is necessary to take up reliable camera removal service with Mister Mobile to adhere to the requirement of these army camps. Come to Mister Mobile for reputable OnePlus Nord CE camera removal service which adheres to the rules and regulations of NS (National Service). We have provided this serviceto countless satisfied customers in Singapore.

Upon handing over your phone, our technician will run a few tests and inform you of the misbehaving parts. Once confirmed, our technician will then proceed with the repair.


Buy this if:

– You prefer to have a fast camera removal service

– The extra camera will be returned to you after removal – you can easily re-install the camera with service providers in the future.

– Both the front and rear camera will be removed at a one-time cost. No need to pay twice to remove both cameras.

– You can choose between camera removal, sandblasting, or cover-up of the camera lens from inside.

– Our OnePlus Nord CE camera removal service adheres to the strict guidelines of Army camps for NS. Come to us for a peace of mind.


Enquire further if:

– Your OnePlus is still under warranty by OnePlus. You can check your warranty coverage here.

– Your front camera is faulty. Try using apps which support video calling such as Skype, facetime etc. If the video doesn’t show but the back camera can be used, most likely you will need a front camera replacement.

-Wrong OnePlus repair? Read up and find all of our OnePlus prices and descriptions here.

– There are signs of water damage on your OnePlus Nord CE.