Samsung Tab S7 Network / Display / Motherboard Cable Replacement




Key Information

Samsung Tab S7 Network / Display / Motherboard Cable Replacement Singapore by Mister Mobile.

Choose Mister Mobile for Samsung Tab S7 Network / Display / Motherboard Cable Replacement. Because we do it better, because we do it safer, because we do it with a smile!

Our listed prices are nett and inclusive of repair fee.

Upon handing over your phone, our technician will run a few tests and inform you of the misbehaving parts. Once confirmed, our technician will then proceed with the repair.


Buy this if:

– There is no charging icon when you plug in the charging cable.

– The network of your Samsung Tab S7 is weak or not working at all.

– There is no display on your Samsung Tab S7 all of a sudden.

– There are no obvious signs of damage or cracks on your Samsung Tab S7 display.

– There is no drop or sudden impact that caused the network, charging, or display to malfunction.


Enquire further if:

– You are unsure whether the Samsung Tab S7 was working properly prior to its last charge

– There are signs of water damage on your Samsung Tab S7.

– Your Samsung Tab S7 displays the charging icon but its battery percentage does not increase. There may be no display because your battery is faulty instead of the Network / Display / Motherboard Cable.


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