Sony X Water Damage Repair

Total: $48.00

Key Information

Sony X Water Damage Repair Singapore by Mister Mobile.

Sony X dropped in water? No worries. Choose Mister Mobile for Sony X Water Damage or Corrosion Repair. Because we do it better, because we do it safer, because we do it with a smile!

Our listed prices are nett and inclusive of labour repair fee. Note that the cost for chemical wash does NOT include parts replacement. Chemical wash will enhance the lifespan of your Sony. Do not leave your phone un-serviced after it has come into contact with water – the symptoms may start appearing after time.

Sony Water Damage Repair is a common problem which can befrustrating. Water corrosion is the worst case of Sony repair as it is so difficult to estimate the cost of repair.While a splash or minor water spill may not damage your phone, most smartphones cannot survive a 1-meter dive or even 10 minutes in the rain.

Product information:

  1. The quoted price includes the chemical wash service only. It excludes parts replacement. 80% of the time, the chemical wash is sufficient to rescue your phone
  2. If chemical wash does not work, we will inform you before proceeding further.
  3. In situations where additional replacement parts are required to rescue your phone, you may decide if you wish to continue with the repair. Cancellations are allowed without any charges.

“I thought my Sony is waterproof?”

Although most modern smartphones are “water-proof”, read the fine details and you will realize that they are in fact only “water-resistant”. Some manufacturers do not even include water-damage as part of their warranty coverage.

Newer smartphones such as the iPhone XS and XS Max are IP68 water-resistant. Head overhereto learn more.

It is not rocket science that water damages electronic devices. When water comes into contact with the motherboard, a spike in current will cause a short-circuit, causing your phone to shut down. Water contact also causes a chemical reaction which results in the forming of green moldy patches on the motherboard. This is where Sony X water damage repair is necessary to cleanse the motherboard using effective chemical compounds.

The longer a phone is running (electricity is flowing), the greater the Sony X water damage or corrosion is, and the more difficult it is to repair your phone.

Hence, when your phone comes into contact with water, power off your phone immediately and find the fastest way to dry it up. Then proceed to repairers for a chemical wash on your motherboard.

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Buy this if:

– You prefer having a fast Sony X water corrosion repair which is cheaper compared to Sony service centers.

– Your Sony X has drop into fresh water for only a brief period.


Enquire further if:

-Your Sony is still under warranty by Sony. You can check your warranty coverage here.

– Your Sony X drop into seawater or salt water. The chances of repairing Sony water damage, in this case, is very slim

– You suspect that there are faulty components besides general water damage.

-Wrong Sony repair? Read up and find all of our Sony prices and descriptions here