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Need to repair for another iPad model? Simply visit our Product Pages for iPad repair. Above all, 90% of all iPad repair in Singapore can be done on the spot. Generally, we complete most repairs within 60 minutes.

iPad Home Button Replacement

  • iPad Home Button Replacement is done on the spot.
  • The waiting time for iPad Home Button replacement is 30 minutes.
  • Additionally, there are 30 days warranty for all iPad repairs.
  • Note that there are a few causes if your iPad home button is not working. We will do a free check for you. The prices may vary slightly. Based on our experience, the success rate of iPad Touch ID repair in Singapore is about 70%. There will be no charges if we cannot fix your phone.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if your iPad home button is not working and needs replacement.
    Either the iPad home button or fingerprint sensor is not working after repair, or after you have set up your iPad Touch ID.
    You are unable to set up your iPad Touch ID, even though you have never repaired your phone before.
    The home button responds sometimes.
  • Enquire further if the problem arises after software updates. You may require a software update instead.
    You have replaced the iPad Home button before.

Frequently asked questions for iPad Home Button Replacement

    • Common Questions:
    • “My iPad Home button is not working! How do I know which component needs to be replaced?”

    • iPad Home button repair is a tricky problem because there are a few components which may affect the Home button or Touch ID.
    • You may need to replace either one or more of the following components. They are all connected and may affect your iPad Home button: The LCD backlight, LCD component, motherboard, or the home button itself.
    • It is almost impossible to guess the real cause of the problem. We need to conduct a diagnosis to be sure. If any of the components mentioned above are visibly damaged, the chances will be higher that these components are the root cause.
    • “So, how do you repair the Home button for newer iPads, since they cannot be replaced?”

    • A diagnosis is required as, many times, other components are the root cause of the Home button malfunction.
    • We will check your LCD backlight, your LCD, and the motherboard to determine the root cause. Should the malfunction really be caused by the Home Button, our experienced technicians will proceed to REPAIR your home button instead of replacing it.
    • “Is the home button repair or replacement 100% successful?”

    • Since there is only one unique home button to each motherboard, if the home button is beyond repair, or has been replaced by another button before, we will not be able to repair your phone.
    • However, our success rate for repairing iPad home button is about 70% which is higher than market standards. There will be no charges if we are unable to repair your phone.

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      • We provide phone repair in Singapore, such as battery problems, charging, iPad Touch ID repair. We also fix software, water damage, and motherboard problems.
      • Do not worry because there are 30 days of warranty under Mister Mobile’s service policy.

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