Microsoft Surface Pro 6 repair Singapore

Still looking for a place providing excellent quality, friendly, reliable and professional Microsoft Surface Pro repair centre Singapore? Look no further, Mister Mobile is here to help! We can repair all phone issues within 3-4 hours and all our Microsoft Surface Pro repair service is done in our own store. 90% of the repair you need can be done on the spot. Also, all repair costs in our shop are inclusive of labor repair fee. Generally, we can complete the repair within 3-4 hours. 

Some common issues for phone repair Singapore include screen / lcd replacement, battery replacement and so on. All Microsoft Book 2 13.5 repair costs in our shop are relatively cheaper compared to other Singapore Microsoft Surface Pro service centre.

How much does the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 repair cost?

Our Surface Pro repair cost for the replacement is considerably cheaper than any other service centre hence it is wise to choose us for your repairs. And the labor fee is already included in the prices quoted before proceeding on with the repair. The cost all depends on the type of the services you need.

Looking for another Microsoft Surface Pro model Singapore?

Need another repair for your devices? Simply visit our Surface Pro pages for more.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Screen Replacement

  • Screen replacement is a common and frustrating problem. Many of us end up with a screen cracked after dropping it, causing a faulty display.
  • Our Microsoft Surface repair centre has 2 different grades for the screen product. Above all, grade A is equivalent to original as comparable to the official service center in Singapore, while the Grade B Screen is OEM, which is faded in color and cracks more easily.
  • How much does it cost to fix a Surface Pro screen? It all depends on the model of your phone. Sometimes if the display is not working and you need a LCD replacement, the pricing will be slightly higher.
  • Can you fix a cracked screen on a Surface Pro? Replacing a Surface Pro screen is possible only if the Microsoft Surface Pro 6″ touch responsiveness is still functional and the display or LCD DOES NOT have lines or marks. If the device’s screen touch is unresponsive, you may need to replace both the cracked screen and LCD instead of only the screen. Refer to our Microsoft Surface LCD replacement for more information.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6″ LCD Replacement

  • LCD Replacement is a common and frustrating problem. Many of us end up with a screen crack after a drop, causing a faulty display.
  • Our service centre has 2 different grades of LCD products. Above all, grade A LCD is equivalent to original, while grade B is OEM and is cheaper, however, it is faded in color and cracks more easily.
  • Your device’s screen is not functional and the screen displays HAS marks or lines. If the damaged Surface Pro’s display has NO marks or lines, and is touch-sensitive. You may require screen replacement in this case. Do note that screen and lcd replacement are both different repair processes so it is important to determine which is the one you need. If you are uncertain about the issue, please contact us and we will do a free check up for you.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Battery Replacement

  • Our Microsoft Surface repair center also uses battery replacement that is A grade and equivalent to the original product. The battery replacement cost in our shop is cheap which completes within 3-4 hours.
  • It is normal if your battery life does not last long after a period of time due to deteriorating.
  • The number of charges on your device has exceeded 365 times (translates to charging once a day for one year). If you are unsure, refer to our battery replacement blog post for more information.
  • If the device cannot power on or battery percentage does not increase despite showing that it is charging. You may need a charging port replacement.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Charging Port Replacement

  • Charging port replacement is a simple process which completes within 3-4 hours. This repair cost in our Microsoft Surface Pro service center is also cheaper.
  • If your Surface Pro cannot be charged, there’s no charging icon when plugged in or only starts charging at a certain angle, then this replacement is for you.
  • Sometimes the microphone of the device is not working due to malfunction on the charging port because the charging port board includes the microphone as well.
  • Make sure you tested that your device doesn’t charge even with a working cable and it was working and fully powered prior to this.
  • If the device heats up despite being idle, the issue may lie with a faulty battery. Be on the lookout for a bloated battery in this case and get the battery replaced ASAP.

Case Trust Accreditation

  • With CaseTrust Accreditation, one can be sure of fair business practices for any services.
  • Ever bought defective parts from another service center in Singapore? Were there lots of inconveniences by the other service center?
  • Good news! Now you don’t have to spend so much time checking your product for flaws. No need to pour over the fine print of contracts. You can proceed with your repair service confidently.

How do I get a repair service on my Surface Book 2 13.5?

  • Find the repair you need to fix your Surface Pro’s problem.
  • Add to Cart and proceed to Check-out. No payment is required for online check-out.
  • Enter the promo code found at the check-out page for $3 off. Applicable for all online orders only.
  •  Wait for our confirmation SMS. (We strive to respond within 1 hour.)
  • Drop by to get your Surface Pro fixed. Pay for your repair cost in our shop after we have fixed your Surface Pro.

It’s that simple! Contact us now at 92230410 or hit the WhatsApp button! Follow us on our Facebook page to get the latest update whether we are operating on special dates such as Chinese New Year period.

Does this Microsoft Surface Pro repair have a warranty?

Yes! Below are our warranty policy:

  • How long is the repair warranty? There will be a 30 days warranty for all Surface Pro repair services.
  • There is no warranty for camera removal, or any Surface Pro parts installation services where the parts are from your own source
  • Please sign off and ensure your repair details are successfully registered into our system after the repair.
  • For water damage units, our warranty applies to the replaced parts only.
  • Warranty does not cover cosmetic defects, water damage, cracked screens and human errors.

How much does Surface Pro repair cost?

The pricing for repairs varies depending on what repair your Surface Pro needs and the model of your device. No matter which repair, our prices are relatively lower compared to any other Surface Pro service center.

Where can I get my Microsoft Surface Pro 6 repair in Singapore?

Mister Mobile currently has branches across Singapore!

You can check out more about all outlets here.

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