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We repair all iPhone motherboard problems within 180 minutes – 90% of all iPhone repair in Singapore can be done on the spot.

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Need to repair for another iPhone model? Visit our Product Pages for iPhone repair instead.  We repair all common iPhone issues such as screen replacement, iPhone battery replacement Singapore, and iPhone charging port replacement. Also iPhone motherboard repair Singapore, camera replacement, and water damage repair.

iPhone Motherboard Repair

  • iPhone motherboard repair in Singapore is common and frustrating. The motherboard of your iPhone is important and affects your usage.
    Most iPhone repair shops in Singapore do not have the skill to fix iPhone motherboard. Their price for iPhone motherboard repair is much more expensive as well. Not Mister Mobile.
    With highly experienced technicians, we can solve all common motherboard problems such as:
    Audio IC
    Power IC
    U2 IC
    Touch IC
    Touch disease repair
    Shorted motherboard
    Hard disk
    Cannot power on
    Cannot charge.
    Repair your iPhone with us for peace of mind.
  • iPhone motherboard repair is done on the spot.
  • The waiting time for iPhone motherboard repair is 1 to 3 hours.
  • Additionally, there are 30 days warranty for all iPhone repairs.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if your iPhone experiences symptoms such as- unable to charge, cannot hear during calls, cannot power on, the touchscreen is unresponsive.
  • Depending on which iPhone parts require repair, your chances of data recovery will be the highest at Mister Mobile. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your data is intact as much as possible.
  • The motherboard replacement will cause data loss. On the other hand, motherboard repair may not. As far as possible, repair your motherboard instead of a replacement to rescue your iPhone data. iPhone motherboard repair has a cheaper price too.
  • The quoted iPhone motherboard price is for repair only. iPhone motherboard replacement is expensive and not worth it. Call us for the price of repairing water-damaged iPhone motherboard.

Frequently asked questions for iPhone Motherboard repair

  • Common Questions
  • iPhone Motherboard repair and price? Why is skill more important than price

Motherboard repair is one of the most common types of mobile iPhone repair in Singapore.

  • Motherboard repair, along with battery replacement, cracked screen and charging port repair, ranks highly as one of the most common causes when your handphone breaks down. Unfortunately, iPhone motherboard repair price is also more costly.
  • This article explains why your motherboard may break down, even though there seem to be no obvious causes behind it.

What is a motherboard?

  • The “motherboard”, also known as a circuit board, of an iPhone or Android device, is a very complex component. It’s the beating heart of your entire phone.
  • Almost every piece and part of your mobile iPhone run through the motherboard. It is hidden inside the mobile iPhone to minimize wear and tear. -source baltimorecellphonerepair

Why is the motherboard so important?

  • When a motherboard fails to function, alarm bells ring and rightfully so. A cracked iPhone screen to a doctor is like breaking a finger – they could in the worst scenario amputate your finger and you would be surviving just fine. You will probably survive by leaving it alone and live with a deformed finger.
  • As complicated as how our brain functions, the smartphone’s motherboard is also a complex assembly or ICs, capacitors, diodes and metal alloy. Most of these components are so small – an inexperienced technician who does iPhone motherboard repair will invariably damage some components which were working. Do not allow inexperienced technicians to repair your iPhone motherboard, even though the price is cheaper.
  • In the worst case, it may result in permanent data loss and it becomes impossible to revive your iPhone any more.
  • Motherboard repair requires soldering, blower skills, and a delicate pair of hands to handle the minute diodes and capacitors on a motherboard. Due to the complexities of a motherboard, these works should only be done by experienced and certified technicians. Soldering works involve high heat which could melt or damage working components which did not require any repair.

Are we reliable?

  • At Mister Mobile, our technicians are trained and certified to carry out motherboard repair works and we only employ technicians with at least 5 years of working experience. We also regularly send our technicians for refresher courses and we purchase updated manuals to trace and remedy motherboard repair issues.
  • We do not toy around with your iPhone, do not treat your beloved iPhone as test subjects. All our motherboard repair works are done in-house.

What are the symptoms of a faulty motherboard?

  • Just like a human body, there are countless symptoms for different types of iPhone motherboard repair issues. Most commonly, your iPhone fails to power on.
  • Other times, your mobile iPhone may encounter issues with Wi-Fi, audio, camera, charging or over-heating. Most of the time, a simple parts replacement (such as the camera, charging port or Wi-Fi antenna) will suffice. However, it becomes tricky when the motherboard components are faulty, disrupting the current flow of the motherboard.
  • Motherboard repair for mobile iPhone is not easy. You wouldn’t be able to do it yourself even if you watch YouTube videos continuously for a month. Thankfully, there are professionals at Mister Mobile to repair your iPhone motherboard at an affordable price.

Why does iPhone motherboard repair seem so serious?

  • Motherboard malfunction is the most terrifying issue any iPhone owner would face. He or she may be worried about the loss of data, and many times the price of repair cannot be easily determined by a simple iPhone or Facebook search.
  • The price of replacing a cracked screen or battery is very clear and direct, but there is a certain element of ambiguity to iPhone motherboard repair. This is because there are many components in the iPhone motherboard and the price range may vary.
  • All these factors add up to cause stress and nervousness to the iPhone owner.
  • Hence, it is very important to select the right repairer who is reputable and transparent. This minimizes ambiguity and boosts your chances of successfully repairing your iPhone.
    • What causes the motherboard to malfunction?
      • Prolonged use.
      • Water damage.
      • Serious physical impact.
      • Manufacturing defect.
      • Rooting android iPhone.
    • 1. Prolonged use.

    • Heat to a motherboard is like Kryptonite to Superman. It is harmful. When you over-use your iPhone, it tends to heat up. Such heat gradually wears away the aluminum and copper materials which hold the components together. When these components lose contact with your motherboard, problems occur.
    • Smartphones nowadays have a safety protocol to protect themselves from overcharging. This means the battery will automatically stop charging once it is full. Even so, overheating will still occur if the battery is faulty. Read more about faulty battery addresses here.
    • Another scenario where the overheating issue kicks in is when you continue using your device while it is charging. The device is constantly in a state of discharging and recharging which is stressful for the motherboard. If your device heats up even when in an idle state, you should send your device to check if your iPhone is due for motherboard repair.
    • 2. Water damage.

    • While a splash or minor water spill may not damage your iPhone, most smartphones cannot survive a 1-meter dive or even 10 minutes in the rain.
    • Although most modern smartphones are “water-proof”, read the fine details and you will realize that they are in fact only “water-resistant”. Some manufacturers do not even include water-damage as part of their warranty coverage.
    • Newer smartphones such as the iPhone XS and XS Max are IP68 water-resistant. Head over here to learn more.
    • It is not rocket science that water damages electronic devices. When water comes into contact with the motherboard, a spike in current will cause a short-circuit, causing your phone to shut down. Water contact also causes a chemical reaction which results in the forming of green moldy patches on the motherboard.
    • The longer a phone is running (electricity is flowing), the more short-circuited components and chemical produce there will be, and the more difficult it is to rescue your phone.
    • Hence, when your phone comes into contact with water, power off your phone immediately and find the fastest way to dry it up. Then proceed to repair for a chemical wash on your phone’s motherboard.
    • 3. Serious physical impact.

    • When you drop your iPhone, the first association that comes to mind is a broken screen. Most customers look past the fact that a serious impact may also cause internal damage to a smartphone.
    • A more obvious example will be when your iPhone is run over by a car. Besides the broken screen and broken back glass, you may find your phone to be flatter than before or be severely bent out of shape. Obviously, a deformed mobile phone will mean a deformed motherboard. And that requires fixing.
    • Having said that, modern smartphones now come with very durable bezels which can endure such impacts, and we are seeing less of such cases nowadays.
    • 4. Manufacturing defect.

    • Yes, you read it. It’s not a joke. Sometimes, there are flaws with the engineering design of the motherboard that causes some components to break down more quickly than other components. This is why you can hear us telling you “Oh, this is a common issue. Many customers have come to us to repair the same motherboard problem.”
    • And thanks to these manufacturing defects, we mobile phone repairers are able to earn a living by fixing their mistakes.
    • Here are just some of the known common issues with iPhone and Samsung phones:
    • iPhone 8 – Unable to power on. Read more about this addresses here.
    • iPhone 6 Plus – touch disease. This issue is so common. We do iPhone motherboard repair for the iPhone 6 Plus all the time. The flawed design of the iPhone 6 Plus causes the motherboard to bend 7.2 times more likely than the iPhone 5S after impact. Find out more about Apple’s lawsuit and Apple’s Multi-touch repair program for iPhone 6 Plus.
    • Note 4 – eMMC error causing the phone to auto-restart or get stuck in boot loop. It is a known Note 4 manufacturing defect where the eMMC (which holds the data storage in your phone) component on the motherboard breaks down. Heck, it is so common that most used phone dealers are not accepting used Note 4 devices any more.
    • Note 7 – Ok. Enough about this fiasco. You should have read all about the Note 7 by now.
  • 5. Rooting Android phone.

  • The term rooting large associates with Android phones. Like any smartphones, Android runs on an operating system specifically designed for casual use. The operating systems usually come with limitations or restrictions in place to protect the stability of the components while in use.
  • Rooting is a process that removes these restrictions and limitations. This process allows seasoned users to actually change the operating system itself.
  • Rooting seems all mighty when it is going well. When the situation takes a turn, however, it is bad news for the phone and the owner. A rooted device allows users to overload the processor. Invariably, it makes the device run faster than it should. It is clear that making a device run faster than designed will generate more heat and eventually damage the components on the motherboard.
  • When your phone breaks down, motherboard repair is required to rescue your phone.

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  • iPhone Repair Singapore. iPhone Screen Replacement, Replace Battery, Motherboard, and Charging Port repair Singapore.

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