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Samsung New Phone Price Singapore

Samsung is a popular brand in Singapore, famous not only for its household devices but mostly for their mobile phones. The multi-national mobile phone manufacturer routinely releases new phones in Singapore every year ranging from premium devices to lower-end devices. While premium Samsung mobile phones tend to be on the pricey realm – such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the lower-end devices are actually very affordable – such as the Samsung Galaxy S10e, while the lower-end devices have its own compromises for being cheaper, they still offer functionalities that worth more than the price offered.

Brand new Samsung for sale Singapore

Samsung has its own moniker for each of the cell phones they release. Some notable lineups which are famous Samsung mobile in Singapore would be the Note series, S series, and A series. Each of the Samsung smartphones in Singapore has its own relative price point: Samsung Note series is usually the most expensive releases followed by the S series and then the A series with a lower price point. Lately, Samsung introduced a few new smartphones – Galaxy Z Flip which is Samsung’s successful take on the foldable smartphones niche after the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy S20 lineup which is Samsung’s most powerful and most expensive lineup, and then the Galaxy Note 20 lineup that is available in Singapore since August, which is expected to overtake the S20 lineup in terms of both price points and hardware powers.

Samsung Galaxy A51, launched on 12/12/2019, is the latest Samsung phone Singapore with the lowest price among the 5G enabled smartphones that is available for purchase in Singapore. Despite being one of the cheaper Samsung phones, the Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with a 6.5-inches Super AMOLED and 1080p capable display which is still impressive. It also has a 4500mAh battery and a Quad camera array on the back of the device which allows an abundance of camera features. However, the phone does lack power in terms of performance for being the cheapest Samsung phone price. This is the setback users have to live with to compromise for the cheapest 5G phone by Samsung in Singapore.

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip Series Singapore

Samsung’s most innovative foldable mobile devices – Galaxy Fold ( launched February 2019 ) and Galaxy Z Flip ( launched February 2020 ). Samsung Fold first came out with a rough start. The first batch of review sets has multiple issues regarding the screen. Some cases including reviewers accidentally remove a thin glass on the screen which is not supposed to be removed. There are cases where debris starting to make their way in between the screen. Samsung took fast actions in taking back the review sets and went back to the lab for further tweaking and then coming out with more durable and successful sets. The Fold has two screens: an outer 4.3-inch display and a huge 7.3-inch inner display. Both the displays are Dynamic AMOLED technologies and the devices have a total of six cameras. One selfie camera on the outer display, three cameras on the main camera array, and two selfie shooters on the inner display ( one of the inner selfie camera is a 3D camera ).

The Galaxy Z flip, on the other hand, has a better first few months. The Z Flip doesn’t inherit the issues found on the first Fold but it does pack what’s good on the Fold and adding on more to the deal. The Flip closes in a clamshell design and while closed, you will be greeted with a 1.1-inch notification display that is touchable but has limited usability. When unfolded, the inner display is a 6.7-inch across Dynamic AMOLED FHD+ display. The inner display uses a technologically advanced glass display which Samsung introduced as “Ultra Thin Glass” or UTG. The Glass, claimed by Samsung, is more durable and resistant towards scratches. The Z Flip also features a dual-camera setup on its main camera which consists of a 12MP wide and 12MP ultrawide camera while the selfie camera is a 10MP punch-hole styled shooter at the top middle of the inner display.

Samsung Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Singapore

Samsung’s 2020 flagship Note lineups: Samsung Note 20 ( released August 2020 ) and Samsung Note 20 Ultra ( released August 2020 ). Vanilla Note 20 features a 6.7-inch display and is FHD supported. This model sadly only has a 60Hz screen refresh with a Super AMOLED but all of the S20 series has 120Hz. Note 20 has a triple camera setup which consists of a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 12MP wide camera, and a 64MP telephoto shooter on the main camera and a 10MP selfie camera on the top centered of the screen.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Note 20 Ultra has a full-fledged 6.9-inch display and it is 120Hz refresh rate capable. The Note 20 Ultra also supports QHD+ display but it is still unable to use both the QHD and the 120Hz at the same time. The Note 20 Ultra also has a triple camera setup which consists of a 12MP ultrawide, a 12 MP telephoto, and a huge 108MP wide camera which allows up to 5X optical zoom. The 100X SpaceZoom technology is scraped from the Note 20 Ultra but is capped at 50X zoom to offer more practical uses.

Samsung S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra Singapore

Samsung S22 are released in 2022 during Samsung’s annual Unpacked Event. Similar with the previous lineups, Samsung s22 lineup has consist of three devices:

  • Samsung S22
  • Samsung S22 Plus
  • Samsung S22 Ultra

The S22 Ultra took the all the highlights during the show but the Samsung S22 Plus and S22 is actually more suitable for most users.

Despite having lesser premium features, Samsung S22 and S22 Plus does comes with enough high end technologies allowing them to be one of Samsung’s best mobile phone, especially at its price tag.

There’s not a big difference when it comes to Samsung S22 vs Samsung S22 Plus. Both shares the same chipset, same front and back camera module, and so on. The differences are the bigger battery (3700mAh for S22, 4500mAh for S22+) & faster charging speed (45W fast charging on plus & 25W on the normal S22), bigger display, and the Plus has an ultra-sideband connectivity module.

Meanwhile, the Samsung S22 Ultra comes with a bigger RAM, bigger storage size upgrades (up to 1TB), bigger battery (500mAh), bigger and better display (QHD+ at 6.8″), better camera modules (108MP main rear and 40MP selfie are the highlights), AND S-PEN!

Samsung Z Fold 4, Samsung Z Flip 4 Singapore

As foldable phones are getting popularity in the last couple of years, Samsung is snowballing in with their new Samsung Z Fold 4 and Samsung Z Flip 4 in 2022.

Both Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 is running on the latest SnapDragon 8 Gen 1 Plus but Fold 4 runs on 12GB RAM while the Flip 4 runs on 8GB RAM.

While the Samsung Z Flip 4 flips open into a regular phone shape (which looks longer compared to other phones), the Z Fold 4 unfolds into essentially a mini tablet.

The Samsung Z Fold 4 is packed with a 4400mAh battery, while the Z Flip 4 comes with a 3700mAh battery pack. However, there has been users feedback saying the Samsung Z Flip 4 actually stays up longer compared to the Z Fold 4. This could be due to the Z Flip 4 has less work to do compared to the Z Fold 4 (software wise and hardware wise, especially because the fold essentially has to power to screens).

Camera wise, the Z Flip 4 has Dual rear camera module while the Z Fold 4 comes with a Tripe rear camera module.

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