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Also, our Nokia LCD replacement service is nett and includes labor fee.

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Need to repair for another Nokia model? Simply visit our Product Pages for Nokia repair. Above all, 90% of all Nokia repair in Singapore can be done on the spot. Generally, we complete most repairs within 60 minutes.

Nokia LCD Replacement

  • Nokia LCD Replacement is common and frustrating. Many of us end up with an Nokia LCD cracked screen after dropping it, causing a faulty display. It is essential and affects your usage.
    Nokia repair cost in our shop is relatively cheap which completes within 60 minutes.
    Replace your Nokia LCD Cracked Screen before it worsens.
  • In fact, there are 2 different Grades of Nokia LCD. Grade A Nokia LCD is as good as the original, while the Grade B LCD is cheaper, is faded in color and cracks more easily.
  • LCD Replacement for Nokia is done on the spot.
  • The waiting time for Nokia LCD replacement is about 45 minutes.
  • Additionally, there are 30 days warranty for all Nokia repairs.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if the Nokia LCD has a noticeable crack. We can carry out a free check-up for you if you are unsure. You can also refer to our iPhone screen replacement blog post.
    Your Nokia screen is not functional.
    Nokia screen display has marks or lines.
  • Enquire further if the Nokia display has no marks or lines, and it is touch-sensitive. In this case, you may require screen replacement instead. Hence, refer to our Nokia screen Replacement product pages for more information.

Frequently asked questions for Nokia LCD Replacement

  • Common Questions:
  • What is the difference between LCD and Screen Replacement?

    Visit this link above to find out more!

  • “I just broke my Nokia screen! Do I need a repair for JUST the screen or also the LCD display?”

  • It all boils down to the impact on your Nokia screen!
  • In fact, screen replacement and LCD replacement repair are two different processes. You can click on the link to our blog post below to find out more, or bring your Nokia to one of Mister Mobile branches for a free check before proceeding for a repair.
  • “Will you be using original parts for Nokia LCD /screen/glass replacement? The prices you quote for Nokia LCD replacement for cracked display is really cheap.”

    At Mister Mobile, we differentiate our products as “Grade A” or “Grade B”. Our Grade A Nokia LCD and Screens are as good as the original. This is because only authorized stores are allowed to advertise their product as “Original” according to consumer law.

  • “What is the difference between Nokia Grade A replacement and Grade B replacement?”

    The easy answer? Grade A repair is always better than Grade B repair!
    LCD and Screens which are Grade A are as good as the original. On the other hand, Grade B LCD and Screens are manufactured in China which is cheaper, less sensitive and has a faded display color.

  • “Why do you need up to 2 hours to replace my cracked Nokia glass when other repair providers can do it in 30 minutes?”

    At Mister Mobile, your phone undergoes a stringent repair process for Nokia glass and LCD cracked replacement which ensures the end product is good as new after the repair.

  • “Does the price-savings of up to 60% justify choosing a third-party service repair provider over the Apple service center’s repair service?”
    Yes, because we can repair on the spot. Furthermore, there will be NO data loss 99% of the time during the repair progress.
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Case Trust Accreditation

  • With CaseTrust Accreditation, you can be sure of fair business practices for handphone repair.
  • Ever had unhappy cheap Nokia LCD replacement services from shops in Singapore? Were there lots of trouble with dishonest providers?
  • Good news! Now you don’t have to waste time checking for flaws. No need to pour over the fine print of contracts. Now you can proceed with your handphone repair confidently.

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  • We provide phone repair in Singapore, such as battery problems and charging problems. We also fix software, water damage, and motherboard problems.
  • Do not worry because there are 30 days of warranty under Mister Mobile’s service policy.