Asus Repair Center in Singapore

Asus Repair Center in Singapore

There are 3 Asus repair centers in Singapore, however, the Asus service center @ TRIVEX is the only repair center that services Asus mobile phones.

As the era of gaming evolves, more and more companies are venturing into the gaming smartphone market.

Generally speaking, all mobile phones can be categorized as “gaming phones” to a certain extend. Mobile phone giants: Apple and Samsung, too consistently tout their device’s gaming capabilities.

Instead of fighting head-on with the giants, Asus focused on catering to hardcore gamers who are willing to pay for premium gaming experiences.

To outshine iPhones and thrive in the commodified Android market, Asus jam-packed their ROG Gaming phones lineup with powerful hardware: hefty batteries, powerful chipsets, fast screen refresh rate, and so on.

Besides hardware, Asus also paid attention to the design of the phone. Asus’s software Game Genie and Armoury Crate provides support to gamers to better customize their device.

  • Game Genie: support gamers by showing important gaming information and optimize resources on the game currently running
  • Armoury Crate: allows users to customize in-game controls such as remapping of the trigger buttons, turning visual enhancement on or off, and changing FPS rate.

Asus service center in Singapore

There are multiple ASUS service centres in Singapore that provide technical support for your ASUS devices.

To be clear, Asus service center@TRIVEX is the only service center that provides support for the mobile phone category.


  • 8 Burn Rd, #11-16 Trivex, Singapore 369977
  • Click here to find them on Google Maps
  • Operating Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm
  • Nearest MRT: Tai Seng MRT Station

Third-party Asus Repair Centre

Need help with a faulty ASUS phone which is out of warranty?

ASUS service center repair cost too high due to out of warranty?

Worry no more! Come to Mister Mobile!

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The parts we used during repairs are graded as “GRADE A” or “GRADE B”. Grade A parts are parts that are as good as the originals in terms of quality, whereas Grade B is of lower quality.

We provide services to most Asus common repairs such as screen/LCD replacement, battery replacement, just to name a few.

We refrain from grading our parts as “ORIGINAL” due to copyright issues. Only official Asus service centre are allowed to call their parts “ORIGINAL”.

Visit our ASUS product listings and get your ASUS mobile devices repaired.

Mister Mobile Asus Repair Category

Common ASUS repair in Singapore

Common ASUS repair in Singapore

1. ASUS Screen Replacement

Screen replacement and LCD replacement are two different types of repairs.Screen replacement refers to a repair process where the outer layer of the cracked screen is replaced.Customers are eligible for screen replacement IF:
  • there are obvious crack on the screen
  • there are no lines, marks, and/or black dots on the display
  • the display still works and the screen touch is still responsive

2. ASUS LCD Replacement

On the other hand, LCD replacements refer to a repair process where the whole display panel being replaced.Customers MUST opt for LCD replacement service IF:
  • there are lines, marks, and/or black dots across the display
  • screen touch is not responsive or only half the screen is responsive
  • there is no display at all after the phone drops
LCD replacements will replace your screen and display panel all at the same time, which is why LCD parts are usually more expensive than a screen replacement.See the following for the difference between LCD and Screen replacement:LCD replacement vs screen replacement

3. ASUS Battery Replacement

Batteries are literally what made a phone “mobile” which is why it is important to ensure the battery is always in a healthy state.However, mobile phone batteries are known to deteriorate over time and continuous usage may cause damage to the phone.
Asus ROG Phone Battery
Source: Jerryrigeverything on youtube
Hence, customers should always change the phone battery when signs of a bad battery arise. Or upgrade to a new device.Some signs of a bad battery include:
  • Bloated battery
  • Faster than usual draining
  • Wouldn’t charge when plugged into a working cable
Luckily, battery replacement is a very fast process. Our skilled technician can usually get the replacement done within 60 minutes.

4. ASUS Charging Port Replacement

Charging port replacement is also a relatively easy process that completes within 60 – 90 minutes.Some indications of a faulty charging port:
  • Phone unable to charge
  • It charges only when plugged in a certain angle
  • The phone suffered a splash or dropped into a body of water.
Some tests to try before opting for replacement:
  • Change to another charging cable and/or charging brick
  • Try to connect to a working power outlet instead of a power bank
If none of the above works, you may bring your device down to the ASUS service center for support.Asus Charging Port ReplacementOr you can also drop by Mister Mobile ASUS service centre. Our support staff will do a basic checkup for you for FREE.

5. ASUS Back Glass Replacement

ASUS gaming phone’s target audience are mostly gamers, hence why ASUS paid significant amounts of attention to make their phone designs.As the gaming industry evolves, gamers are focusing more and more on the detail of their devices. RGB lights, modern designs, etc are getting more attention.Asus has been tweaking and adjusting the design of their phone to better suit the gaming aesthetic gamers want. And each generation of new ROG phone models are getting better than the last.Take ROG Phone 5 for example, Asus introduced a new feature on the back panel known as “AnimeMatrix” LED. It allows gamers to change the animation patterns of the logo, and pro models of ASUS ROG 5 even have an OLED displaying notifications and customizable logos.
Asus RO5 Ultimate with OLED back panel
Source: Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
However, it could be a hassle if gamers unintentionally dropped and crack the back panel. Prior to ROG phone 5, the process of back glass replacement is much simpler.Our technician usually takes about 60 – 90 minutes for a back glass replacement. For the 5 however, it may take longer as the structure are more complex.

Common FAQs on Asus Repair

How long do Asus repairs take?

You may check your repairs at Asus Repair Status Checker website.

How do I contact Asus customer service?

You may contact Asus at +65 6636 9163.

Do note their service hours:

Service Time: Mon ~ Fri 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Sat 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

How do I check my Asus warranty?

Head over to ASUS warranty inquiry website to check your warranty status.