Mister Mobile’s 100-Steps Inspection Process!

All Phones Undergo Mister Mobile's 100-Steps Inspection Process!


All Phones Undergo Mister Mobile's 100-Steps Inspection Process!

It is my commitment to inspect smartphones extensively and thoroughly before they are sold or traded in. In order to guarantee a high-quality experience for my clients, I have developed a 100-steps inspection process that covers all aspects of a phone.

My experts will thoroughly check everything from the battery to the display on your device, and give you a detailed report of its condition. You can rely on my inspection process to evaluate every aspect of your phone and diagnose any problems accurately. Whether you’re looking to repair your phone or purchase a phone from me, my 100-steps inspection process will give you the peace of mind you need. 

If you would like to book a repair appointment, please visit my Repair page. To find out more about my phone listings,  please visit my Carousell page. Feel free to get in touch with me if you require any assistance.

My 100-Steps Inspection includes:


  1. Cracks, scratches, blemishes
  2. Brightness and color accuracy
  3. Touch sensitivity and responsiveness
  4. Screen uniformity and color consistency
  5. Dead pixels or discoloration
  6. Touch commands and gestures
  7. Overall functionality


  1. Capacity (mAh)
  2. Battery life/drain
  3. Charging time
  4. Battery health status
  5. Battery swelling/leakage
  6. Battery age/cycle count
  7. Battery performance under heavy use

Operating System

  1. Operating system version
  2. System updates installed
  3. Stability and performance
  4. Overall functionality and usability
  5. Compatibility with apps and services


  1. WiFi connectivity and strength
  2. Bluetooth connectivity and pairing
  3. Cellular network connectivity and signal strength
  4. GPS accuracy and reliability
  5. NFC functionality
  6. Data transfer speed over different networks
  7. SIM card detection and functionality

Audio Quality

  1. Volume and clarity of speaker
  2. Quality of earpiece speaker
  3. Microphone clarity
  4. Volume and clarity of audio through headphones
  5. Functionality of audio-related controls
  6. No audio-related software issues


  1. Lens clarity and scratch examination
  2. Image quality, focus and color accuracy
  3. Flash functionality
  4. Front and rear camera operation
  5. Video recording quality and stability
  6. Selfie camera performance
  7. Overall camera functionality

Storage Capacity

  1. Capacity of internal storage
  2. Capacity of external storage (if any)
  3. Speed of storage
  4. Ability to add additional storage
  5. Functionality of storage


  1. Signs of physical damage to sensors
  2. Sensitivity and accuracy of touch
  3. Gesture recognition
  4. Functionality of accelerometer
  5. Proximity sensor performance
  6. Gyroscope calibration
  7. Compass operation
  8. Barometer accuracy
  9. Overall performance of all sensors

Port and Buttons

  1. Functionality of charging and audio ports
  2. Responsiveness of power and volume buttons
  3. Signs of physical damage
  4. Correct operation of additional buttons
  5. Ports and buttons are free of debris

App Compatibility

  1. Apps install, launch and run correctly
  2. Compatibility with apps and OS updates
  3. App performance with hardware
  4. App stability and compatibility with hardware
  5. App integration with phone features
  6. In-app purchases functionality
  7. In-app subscriptions functionality
  8. In-app sign-in functionality

NFC Charging

  1. INFC functionality
  2. Ability to read and write NFC tags

Wireless Charging

  1. Wireless charging capability
  2. Charging speed and efficiency
  3. Ability to charge while using phone
  4. Overall functionality of feature


  1. Encryption enabled and functional
  2. Data protection measures in place
  3. Data privacy measures in place
  4. No data tampering and breaches
  5. Encryption settings accessible and configurable

Software & Security

  1. Operating system version and update status
  2. Antivirus protection and malware scans
  3. Software functionality and stability
  4. Security features and settings
  5. Application permissions and settings
  6. Backup and restore functionality
  7. Privacy settings and data protection

Physical Conditions

  1. Signs of water damage
  2. Any visible signs of heat damage
  3. Visible dirt, dust and grime
  4. Signs of undergoing repairs

Network Compatibility

  1. Network connectivity
  2. Carrier lock status
  3. Software or firmware problems
  4. IMEI verification


  1. Original charging cable and adapter
  2. Original headphones or earbuds
  3. Original case or protective cover
  4. SIM card ejector tool
  5. Any additional third-party accessories

Face Recognition

  1. Functional and working properly
  2. Able to detect the face and unlock the phone
  3. Software has not been tampered with or altered in any way

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