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Mister Mobile is ISO 9001, 14001 Certified!

I am proud to declare that Mister Mobile is an ISO certified store. My goal at Mister Mobile is to provide high quality customer service, repair, and goods to ensure my customers’ needs are met.

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Why Choose Mister Mobile?

Mister Mobile currently holds ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certifications.

ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system. It implies that Mister Mobile has implemented quality management standards in order to ensure customers are satisfied.

Due to the gloomy nature of this industry, many customers might be skeptical when choosing a mobile phone service provider. As such, I strive to give my customers peace of mind through my honest, reliable, and customer-focused services. Over the years, I have managed to gain the trust of my customers and I have never let them down. (Read the kind words my customers left for me on Google reviews)

Here are some reasons why my customers choose me:

  • Keeps strict protocols and procedures in place to ensure a high level of customer service
  • A transparent pricing and warranty process
  • A solid management and inventory system
  • Ensures that the privacy of customer data and content is always protected
  • Exceptional quality is guaranteed on all goods sold


Consequently, I am certified with the assurance to my customers that I have met the pointers mentioned above. By choosing Mister Mobile, you can be sure that you’re receiving high-quality products and excellent customer service. To put it simply, ISO certification shows that I can be trusted.

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ISO 14001: 2015 – Environment Management System (EMS)

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). The guidelines are meant for businesses trying to minimize their environmental impact – just as I have!

In addition to providing top-notch products and services, I strive to minimize my carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment. One of the most common reasons customers contact me is to replace their batteries. Consequently, I receive a large number of faulty batteries every month. In spite of the ease of throwing away damaged or used batteries, I recycle them to recover non-renewable resources.

Further, I have reduced plastic use in my carrier bag and contribute a portion of my sales to Eco Drive, a non-profit that plants trees every month. The purpose of this is to offset carbon emissions and combat climate change. Discover more about Eco Drive by clicking here.

In recognition of my efforts to minimize my environmental impact, I have been certified as a ISO 14001 organization.

What is ISO Certification?

The ISO certification indicates that a manufacturing process, service or documentation procedure meets all quality assurance and standardization requirements.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization), a non-governmental international organization, develops standards to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.

ISO certifications are available in a wide range of industries, from energy management to social responsibility to medical devices. The ISO standards ensure consistency. There are separate standards and criteria for each certification and they are categorized numerically. For instance, the ISO certifications Mister Mobile currently hold are ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Mister Mobile is accredited by CaseTrust!

Mister Mobile CaseTrust Logo

What is CaseTrust?

CaseTrust has been an accreditation scheme since 1999 to recognize businesses such as Mister Mobile for their commitment to quality and fair service. Businesses who receive this award are a cut above their competitors.

From CaseTrust’s website:

CaseTrust is the accreditation arm of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and is Singapore’s de facto standard for companies who wish to demonstrate their commitment to fair trading and transparency to consumers.

( Source – )

Look out for the CaseTrust logo displayed alongside the brand to differentiate accredited businesses.

Why choose Mister Mobile?

As of October 2018, I am one of the only 2 businesses in the entire mobile phone industry in Singapore to receive this accreditation. You may question why there are no more businesses receiving this award? The most crucial reason is because achieving CaseTrust accreditation requires a lot of dedication towards quality service. There are also stringent application and assessment processes that took me more than 6 months. I also require consistency across the whole company to achieve excellent service for every customer.

At Mister Mobile, I take pride in my mission to provide reliable service to all of our customers. It is an honor for me to be able to showcase such tangible recognition to all of my customers. As a result, I am highly differentiated from my competitors.

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What are the reasons for choosing CaseTrust accredited stores?

CaseTrust-accredited businesses are a good choice for many reasons:

  • Services are provided in a high quality manner
  • A transparent pricing and warranty process
  • Exceptional quality is guaranteed on all goods sold
  • Offering a meditation service


Casetrust logos are synonymous with top-notch stores!

High Quality Customer Services

Customers want a great experience from businesses. My service experience encompasses all touch points, beginning with the first conversation with my sales officers, and continuing through after-sales support.

CaseTrust acknowledges this – quality customer service is their top assessment criterion. In order to ensure the quality of my customer’s mobile phone repair, Mister Mobile goes through an extensive testing process before, during, and after the repair is completed.

By following this process, I reduce the likelihood of my customers having to come back for re-service due to cracked screens, bloated batteries, or faulty charging ports. In addition, I follow up on every single customer after a repair has been made.

Transparent pricing and warranty

Pricing is clouded by doubts, especially in this gloomy industry. Mobile phone shops often use unfair tactics to rip off their customers by overcharging them. Without caution, you too may become a victim. In such cases, CaseTrust accreditation should relieve you of such worries. Every item on display at Mister Mobile has transparent pricing.

For repairs, I will provide a quote and seek my customers’ consent before proceeding. I therefore offer a free diagnosis, and there is no obligation to proceed.

As part of the CaseTrust assessment, one of the criteria is:

My business clearly states any additional charges for extra services such as alterations, repairs, gift- wrapping and express delivery  ( Source – Casetrust criteria )

CaseTrust is very particular in protecting consumer rights. Hence, consumers can shop worry-free with an accredited store.

Quality Goods

It is especially important for consumers to purchase goods of high quality since they are spending their hard-earned money. A CaseTrust accredited store provides the highest level of assurance as this criteria is also part of the application process. A clear criterion states:

My business has a system for ensuring the quality of products and services offered for sale. Goods and services offered are fit for consumption and not past expiry date.

Mister Mobile sources the highest quality parts and tests every item thoroughly to make sure that all used mobile phones, charging cables, earpieces, LCD screens, and batteries are working.


CaseTrust protects consumers and accredited businesses at the same time. In case of an unexpected event, CASE Singapore offers its own mediation services. 

There will be a meeting set up for both parties to resolve their misunderstandings. Unlike other mediation services, this one doesn’t charge consumers anything. It is, however, important to follow certain rules when filing a complaint.

More information can be found here. Through trained mediators provided by the facility, this service protects the rights of consumers and helps accredited stores communicate.

Mister Mobile is happy to announce that as of today, I have received zero complaints since my incorporation in 2010.

Mister Mobile: I am branded and CaseTrust-ed!

I am proud to declare that Mister Mobile is a CaseTrust accredited store. My goal at Mister Mobile is to provide high quality customer service, repair, and goods to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Also because I do it better, safer and with a smile to Exceed Your Expectations!

Mister Mobile is awarded the Best Carousell InstantBuy Merchant!

Mister Mobile Carousell Award

What is InstantBuy?

InstantBuy is Carousell’s latest feature which allows everyone to buy secondhand with confidence. Only selected sellers are allowed to list with InstantBuy, to ensure that all InstantBuy listings are quality assured, available, and ready to ship. You can pay for your InstantBuy purchases easily via Carousell, and trust that you’ll receive your purchases safely and as described, and you’d receive a full refund if otherwise.

This means that my services and products are guaranteed to be of quality and at an affordable price. My response time is extremely fast, and I am always available to answer your questions.

Mister Mobile Carousell Review

Mister Mobile provides a more seamless, transparent, and trustworthy experience. I have amassed more than 9000+ positive reviews on my Carousell account over the past four years. You can shop with confidence when you buy from Mister Mobile, visit my Carousell Page.


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