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All Google Pixel loudspeaker replacement costs are nett and include labor repair fee.

We repair all Google Pixel problems within 60 minutes – 90% of all Google Pixel repair in Singapore can be done on the spot.

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Need to repair for another Google Pixel model? Visit our Product Pages for Google Pixel repair instead.  We repair all common Google Pixel issues such as screen replacement, Google Pixel loudspeaker replacement Singapore, and Google Pixel charging port replacement. Also Google Pixel motherboard repair Singapore, camera replacement, and water damage repair.

Google Pixel Loudspeaker Replacement

  • Google Pixel loudspeaker or buzzer replacement is common and frustrating. The loudspeaker of your phone is essential and affects your usage. However, loudspeaker replacement is a simple process which completes within 30 minutes. The Google Pixel repair cost in our shop is relatively cheap too. Repair your phone with us for peace of mind.

To buy or enquire further?

  • Buy this if you cannot hear during video calls.
    During music or sound playback, there seems to be crackling noise.
    Your Google Pixel doesn’t ring even though it is not in silent mode.
    The Google Pixel loudspeaker rings very softly even though it is at max volume.
  • Your phone is not charging as well. The charging port connects to the loudspeaker. Visit our Product Pages for Charging Port Replacement here.
    All of the Google Pixel loudspeaker, microphone, and speaker are not working during calls. Your Google Pixel motherboard Audio IC may be faulty instead. Please visit our motherboard repair page.

Frequently asked questions for Google Pixel Loudspeaker not working

    • Common Questions:
    • “There is no sound on my Google Pixel even though I am playing music. Does this mean my loudspeaker is faulty?”
    • Most of the time, your Google Pixel loudspeaker is faulty. To be sure, make sure your phone is not toggled to silent mode, and your phone volume is maxed. Having said that, most of the time it is because your Google Pixel loudspeaker is not working.
    • “Will you be using original parts for Google Pixel loudspeaker replacement?”
    • At Mister Mobile, our Google Pixel replacement parts are as good as the original. We don’t advertise our product as “Original” because only authorized Apple service centers such as aLAB or Apple Store is allowed to advertise their product as “Original” according to consumer law.
    • “Does the price-savings of up to 60% justify choosing a third-party service repair provider over the Apple service center’s repair service?”
    • Yes. We can repair on the spot, and there will be NO data loss 99% of the time during the repair progress.

Why are we reliable?

Case Trust Accreditation

  • With CaseTrust Accreditation, you can be sure of fair business practices for handphone repair.
  • Ever bought defective Google Pixel loudspeaker replacement from shops in Singapore? Additionally, were there lots of inconveniences by dishonest providers who charged high Google Pixel loudspeaker cost?
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  5. Drop by to get your Google Pixel loudspeaker replacement. Pay for the Google Pixel loudspeaker cost in our shop after we have fixed your phone.

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  • We can solve all your mobile Google Pixel issues in Singapore, such as battery problems, charging, camera, including the LCD screen. Also for software, water damage, and loudspeaker problems.
  • Do not worry. There are 30 days of warranty under Mister Mobile’s repair and exchange policy.
  • Google Pixel loudspeaker replacement Singapore. Google Pixel Screen Replacement, Replace Battery, Motherboard, and Google Pixel repair Singapore.

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