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Smartphones are something we cannot live without. They allow us to communicate, play our favorite games and even get our job done. That is until the battery runs out. And it just keeps getting worse. A phone battery replacement may just do the job to solve your daily problem.

Here are 3 signs to look out for when your battery is faulty:

  • Your phone’s battery life is draining very quickly.
  • Your battery is more than 15 months old.
  • A bloating battery which is causing a gap in your mobile phone.

1. Your battery life is draining much faster than you can remember – is it due for a phone battery replacement?

A common marker for a healthy phone battery is when it can last more than 12 hours with normal usage. When your phone’s battery drains abnormally fast, it is most probably due to its failing battery health. You can do a self-check to determine if you require phone battery replacement. At Mister Mobile, we can easily replace your battery in 45 minutes! Check out our prices for battery replacement here.

Check your battery health for iOS users:

For iOS 11.3 and above,

Go to “Settings”

Select “Battery”

iPhone Battery health check

Select “Battery Health”

iPhone Battery health check

Apple will tell you the battery is fine if your phone’s battery health is above 80%. However, we strongly advise keeping your battery health above 90% for optimal battery performance.

iiPhone Battery health check

You will see a reminder to change your Apple battery once the battery health falls below 80%.

iPhone Battery health check below 80%. It is due for a phone battery replacement immediately

For users with iOS below 11.3, you can download the Battery Life Doctor App. This app may not be as accurate as the new iOS self-checker. We recommend updating to the latest iOS to check your battery status. Besides, why would you want an outdated iOS anyway?

Check your battery health for Android users:

There are many apps available for download in the Google Play Store, but we recommend downloading the AccuBattery app.

Before we get into using the app, however, let’s make one thing clear: you’ll have to play the long game on this one. Since Android doesn’t natively feature a way to monitor battery health, any app used for this purpose will have to keep an eye on your battery over days, weeks, and months before it can determine its health. While AccuBattery starts to get an idea of your device’s battery health within a couple of charge cycles, the more you use it, the more accurate it will get – Source: HowtoGeek

2. Your battery is more than 15 months old.

A phone battery is designed to last about 400 cycles before it starts to deteriorate. If you charge your phone once every night, it translates to about 13 months before it starts to perform sub-optimally. As all mobile phone batteries are currently made of lithium-ion, failing batteries are inevitable. You can read up more about the specifications of mobile phone batteries here.

3. A bloating battery which is causing a gap in your mobile phone.

When a bulge appears, stop using the phone immediately as it means the internal battery cells are ruptured and it is causing unwanted chemical reactions. If left unattended, it may even damage other components in your phone. It may result in your LCD breaking, a short-circuited motherboard, or burnt components when the battery breaks. Bring the device to an expert (note: Mister Mobile are experts) to get a phone battery replacement.

How do I know if my battery is bloated or not?

Here are some photos:

bloated iphone battery requires phone battery replacement

8 plus battery bloating. get a phone battery replacement immediately

Is it safe to replace to a battery?

Yes, definitely! At Mister Mobile, we will diagnose your device first and recommend the correct part replacement so you know what you are fixing. This is why we have attained CaseTrust’s accreditation for having transparent and fair pricing policies. What is CaseTrust?

Ending Thoughts

Do beware that should you choose third-party repairers like us to get a phone battery replacement, any existing warranty coverage by your carrier will be voided. However, most of the time, you only need to replace your battery after 15 months, which is well over the warranty coverage by Samsung and Apple (one year). Hence, you will definitely need us for a fast, reliable and professional experience when you wish to get your phone battery replaced. Our technicians are as experienced and even faster than authorized service centers.

Also because we do it better, because we do it safer and because we do it with a smile!

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